Thursday, 23 April 2020

Veg Momos and Garlic Chatni (शाकाहारी मोमो और लहसुन की चटनी)

Make Momos easily at home. Bonus. With amazing garlic chilli chutney

1 cup maida /plain flour(serves at least 12 pieces)
Small cabbage
1 orange carrot
1 small-medium onion, Garlic finely chopped 
1 inch Ginger

Now make a dough with maida, While kneading it add some salt (pinch) and two spoon oil. Keep this aside
For filling: 
Chop or shred everything. Keep it aside. Now take a pan. Add two spoons oil, add black pepper in it, and ginger garlic (10:1) ginger garlic ratio. And turn the flame off. Now add veggies. (remember we don't need to cook veggies, because the filling will get soggy when you steam)
Now make small sheets of momos. Like we do for pooris. Add filling into them and close it. You can choose your own way of closing them. Remember don't keep the sheets very thick.
Now we got to steam it. If you don't have steamer, then here is a DIY. Take a bhagona/deep pan

or any other steel utensil. Keep a still chhanni/stainer on top of it. boil the water. Brush some oil on momos. place them on the steamer, and put a lid/plate. It takes 15-20 mins for momos to get nicely cooked. Don't overcook.

The bonus: Chutney
Take 6-7 dried red chillies, and one tomato in a bowl. Add some water and put them in microwave on two minutes. Let it cool. Peel out the tomato skin. Now take this, add 15-16 garlic cloves, and a inch of ginger. In a blender or mixer. Grind it. After scooping it out. Add oil, vinegar, and salt. It is ready. 

BY- Rashi 

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