Saturday, 19 March 2016

Hari Mirch ka jhapat Achaar - हरी मिर्च का झटपट आचार

Made Stuffed parantha? forgot to bring Achaar? 
Here in the celebration of "Holi in Bhukkhhd Ghat" Manisha brings a quick, tangy Achaar for you. 
Hari mirch ka jhapat Achaar

1)10 big green and red chilies
2) 2 tablespoon of besan
3) pinch of haldi
4)1 tablespoon of rai,
methi daana,
5)salt and chat masala as per taste
6) mustard oil for frying

Heat mustard oil and add the mixture of rai,Methi dana and saunf.
Then add red and green chilies in the oil and allow them to cook. 
Add pinch of haldi in it.
After some time add salt and switch off the flame and then add besan in it.
Please mind the besan should be added only in off flame coz besan has tendency to cook fast.
In the end add chat masala as per taste and jhatpat mirchi ka achar os ready to tickle your taste buds...

By Manisha Sri