Monday, 21 March 2016

Cheese Squares

Here, in "Holi in Bhukkhhad ghat",  
We've made so many dishes. Now some thing for kids too. 
Today Tanu has made yummy Cheese Squares for our little ones.


Maida 250 gm 
Mozzarella or processed cheese 150 gm, 
Pizza spice mix or oregano 1 tsp, 
Oil 2-3  tbsp  (for moyan )and for frying
Salt to taste


Make a dough by mixing maida, moyan, salt & spice mix, cover it nicely and keep it aside for half hour.
Roll this dough and make a big thin roti. 
Cut with round or square cutter. 
Pock with knife or a fork. 
Deep fry in medium flame. 

Your Cheese Squares are ready to rock 

By: Tanu Varshney

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